Witch is a publication aimed to dispel the myths surrounding witchcraft and the practice of magick.

For this project, I was to create a publication of our choosing and I took this opportunity to research and explore the topic of witchcraft. Using my own books for reference, I compiled my favorite chapters to create a collective of information. This book covers everything from Moon Magick to divinatory Runes, and can be useful to those already familiar with the practice or those who know nothing at all.


Having already made a couple of books before, I wanted to try a new binding technique using stab binding. A star pattern for the edge of the book looked like pentagrams and complemented my overall aesthetic well. Each hole was stabbed with a Japanese screw punch and then bound tight with wax coated thread. The body text was kept in a strict grid and set in old style 18th-century Caslon.

I wanted to have fun with each chapter opening and chose the typeface Birch to stretch and distort on each neon colored page (the only color used in the book). The imagery used throughout the book is printed on transparent, plastic sheets to give each image a ghostly quality.