The PPP is a grassroots greenspaces movement in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

The PPP (The People's Park Project) is inspired by Cass Turnbull, a local tree activist and one of the founders of Seattle's Green Spaces Coalition. Honoring her work, we chose to bring attention to four different abandoned sub-station lots throughout Seattle. These lots, now owned by Seattle City Light, are unused and have the potential to become a small green space or community gardens with a little bit of action from the neighborhood.


Our bold typographic identity was translated onto laser-cut wooden stakes, screen-printed posters, fold-out postcards, and door-to-door seed bomb packets to help get the community interested. We provided the neighborhood with the materials they needed to write to one of Seattle City's Council members and voice their opinion to envision the future of these spaces. Our work was recognized by the Seattle Green Spaces Coalition and we were able to help organize a summer event on one of the sites to help bring awareness to the project and the work of the SGSC.


Team members: Peter Dolezilek, Katy Lee, Carly Lynch.